Transformation – Sequal to “The Perfect Canvas”

If you didn’t read my last blog about this beautiful home, you will want to check it out here, to see the amazing transformation this home has undergone over the last few weeks. It’s amazing what a little paint and fresh carpet can do for a home!

When you’re in “homebuyer-mode”, you have a one track mind. You’ve got high expectations and you’re hoping to walk into the picture perfect home, that’s move-in ready. You want a neutral palette, where you can envision all of your personal items and you want a blank slate so you can hang wall decor anywhere you want, throw area rugs where you need to and add personal touches throughout. That is until you’re ready to take it a step further and add a pop of color here and possible new finishes there…

This conveniently located, spacious 5 bedroom home is the epitome of ‘move-in ready’. Take a look at the before and after photos to see for yourself!

While the decor and the overall style of this home was very unique and a bit quirky, anyone with an eye for creativity would appreciate the placement of the homeowner’s personal belongings. However, if you’re wanting to sell your home for top dollar, you have to take your emotions out of the sale and commit to appealing to all buyers.

Lets start with the entry/foyer. Prior to painting and de-cluttering, homebuyers couldn’t quite get past the busyness of the space.

By removing the wall decor and painting the foyer a neutral color, homeowners can envision the space in which they will welcome their guests. You can see that there’s space for a possible console table and a small lamp, a potential coat rack, an area rug, the options are limitless!

The kitchen is typically THE selling point and the most important aspect of purchasing a home. Some kitchens can make or break a deal! Before, the red, retro stools were an eye sore (even though I personally LOVE them!) and the multitude of items all along the top of the cabinetry was distracting.

Now, the kitchen seems larger simply by removing the clutter and painting it a lighter, brighter color. Even the cabinets instantly became lighter!

Perhaps the largest transformation of this home was the living room. Those built in shelves should’ve been highlighted with minimal clutter so homebuyers could visualize their own picture frames, books and collections within them. While the low profile furniture did make the room seem even more spacious, the orange cushions with the peach/orange walls were distracting.

6949 Windstone-64

Simply by clearing off the shelves, removing the wall decor and painting a neutral color makes this space even larger! The woodworking is absolutely stunning and now, homebuyers can visualize how they’ll display their belongings. They can also see how this can serve as a multi-functional space for their family and/or how the space can be separated for entertaining.


The second biggest transformation of this home was the family room. While I personally love a pop of color and can appreciate the value of high quality wallpaper, not all homebuyers are keen on either. To a homebuyer, all they could see as they walked through this space was circles, orange, peach and red, they couldn’t possibly envision their personal items here.

6949 Windstone-66.jpg
Before: Lots of color. The family room opens up into the breakfast area

Now, homebuyers can walk into this space with a fresh, clear mind and visualize where their furniture could be placed and how the flow from the family room to the breakfast area could best work for them and their family.

After: The family room has a neutral palette opening up into the breakfast area

With a few minor changes and a little elbow grease, this home has completely transformed into the move-in ready abode where homebuyers can see themselves residing.

Who do you know looking for a spacious 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with a large yard , friendly neighbors and an HOA including a tennis court and swimming pool? Click here for more details about this home!

Written by Kelly Vescio

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