Build Day August 2017

We completed our 3rd Build Day for 2017 and what an absolute treat it was! Each Build Day presents different challenges and experiences from the previous builds and this day was no exception.

Here is the future homeowner hammering the first nail!

We started out at the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Restore warehouse. When I tell you that this was the cleanest, most organized warehouse I’ve ever stepped foot, I am not exaggerating. Rows of lumber were neatly stacked and labeled, every single tool had it’s own place, there were various nail buckets holding different sized nails, there were stations for specific tasks, rolling carts with perfectly organized hammers…everything literally had it’s own place!

Our task at the warehouse was to build the interior and exterior walls of the home which would then be transferred to the site. We split into groups and the Habitat leaders explained the task at hand. Some of the pieces were built prior to our arrival, but they needed to be joined with other pieces, so we started hammering away!

It was exciting once a full a wall was built because we’d hear “WALL!!” and everyone would duck out of the way so the group could stack their finished wall on the trailer heading to the home site.

Once we tackled the task of building the walls, we headed out to see the home site where another group had volunteered to get the foundation ready for the walls. This group had also started building the front and side porches, while we were making the walls.

It was now time to erect the exterior walls! This was SUCH an exciting experience; to physically build the walls, see which walls we built on the blueprint and to actually place them in the home was absolutely amazing.

After we broke for lunch, we started carrying off the interior walls from the trailer to be placed in the home. Again, each wall was labeled with a number so the leader would know exactly the wall that he needed next. One by one, the walls were installed, creating a brand new home.

Every Build is new and exciting in it’s own way and each time, I find a another ‘favorite’ thing that I like to do. This program and these volunteers never cease to amaze me. The organization from start to finish, the communication among the leaders and the volunteers and the integrity of every part involved is simply amazing.

We hope you join us on our next build in November!

Written by Kelly Vescio

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