Our Relocation to Atlanta

There were no other options…in order to get the job he wanted, we had to relocate to Atlanta. Move away from the security and comfort of the prestigious golf community we’d called home for the last 8 years. Move away from the picturesque Carolina blue skies, the perfectly manicured golf courses, the familiar faces, our go-to restaurant. Move away from our perfect little home, with our perfect little yard, in the perfect location. Move away from our families and friends and somehow find our way in this “huge” city we’d never even traveled before.

What were we going to do?

We aren’t hermits, we like to consider ourselves “well-traveled” so it wasn’t as though we were moving to some foreign land where we couldn’t even speak the language. But when you’re small town people moving to a big city, it kind of felt that way!

I was more excited than he was, I’ve always been somewhat of a free-spirit, always looking for a new opportunity and pretty much open to anything and everything. I had moved from upstate New York to North Carolina when I was 21 years old, with $70 in my bank account, so I had some experience with relocating – on a budget! He on the other hand had only ever lived in his hometown – other than going away to college and eventually moving to Pinehurst.

We had 4 weeks to pack up our lives, find a place to call home and start working. We’d done our research, contacted a Realtor and planned a weekend trip to search for homes. In the midst of planning for our future, our Great Dane took a turn for the worst and we laid him to rest – 4 days before our life-changing escapade.

We woke up early the morning of September 18th, 2015, my sister stayed with our Boxer and we were on our way to Atlanta. We met with our Realtor (who was aware that we had 1 weekend to find a place to live) and after showing us 2 properties, notified us that within the hour, he was on his way to Athens for a football game – for the rest of the weekend. Now as much as I am a free-spirit, my obsessive compulsive planning kicked into high gear and my mind was racing; how on earth were we going to pull off this move with no place to live and no time?

Luckily, we had a friend that lived in Roswell and she put us in contact with her Realtor – who thankfully was available to assist us, literally with 12 hours notice. He showed us multiple properties (we knew we needed to be near Smyrna since he would be traveling to 2 locations) and as long as we had a guest bedroom and some outdoor space, everything else could be thrown into storage and we’d “figure it out” – just like we always had!

By the following weekend, anything that couldn’t fit into our Uhaul was packed away in a storage unit and we drove 347 miles to our new home. It took the two of us 9 hours to unload the Uhaul – in the rain, then we split a bottle of wine and we were down for the count – our Boxer at our feet.

The next morning, we took the Uhaul to Ikea for a little shopping spree. We decided to purchase low-profile furniture since we’d chosen a condo versus a single family home. This was a treat! The closest Ikea to us back in Pinehurst was in Charlotte, a good 2 1/2 hour drive away. Having an Ikea 15 minutes from the condo could be dangerous!

We’ve now been in Atlanta almost 2 years and so far it’s been a fantastic experience. We’ve very much enjoyed all that Atlanta has to offer. We’ve taken advantage of the diverse restaurant scene, the hiking trails, the festivals, the concerts, the sporting events, the theaters, the parks…there truly is something for everyone in this multi-cultural city.



Some of our favorite things to do:

Relocation Information:

105 Quick Tips for a Successful Relocation – http://www.distinctiveatlantahomes.com/relocating/

Cobb County:

  • Car Tag 770.528.TAGS
  • License: 770.528.5400 / 770.528.3250
  • Georgia Power: 888.660.5890
  • AT&T: 888.764.2500
  • Xfinity: 855. MOVEDGE
  • Charter: 800.955.7766
  • Scana: 877. GO SCANA
  • Gas GA: gasgeorgia.com
  • Cobb County Water System: 770.423.1000
  • Marietta Water: 770.794.5150
  • Fire Department: 770.528.8000
  • Police Department: 770.499.3900

Dekalb County:

  • Car Tag: 404.298.4000
  • License: 678.413.8400
  • Georgia Power: 888.660.5890
  • AT&T: 888.764.2500
  • Xfinity: 855. MOVEDGE
  • Charter: 800.955.7766
  • Scana: 877. GO SCANA
  • Gas GA: gasgeorgia.com
  • Water & Sewer Service: 404.378.4475

Fulton County:

  • Car Tag: 404.613.6100
  • License: dds.ga.gov
  • Georgia Power: 404.506.6526
  • Greystone Power: 770.942.6576
  • AT&T: 888.764.2500
  • Xfinity: 855. MOVEDGE
  • Charter: 800.955.7766
  • Scana: 877. GO SCANA
  • Gas GA: gasgeorgia.com
  • Atlanta Water Bureau: 404.658.6500
  • Fulton County: 404.730.6830


Written by Kelly Vescio

If you or someone you know is looking to relocate to the area, please contact our team today! 404.793.2929 | Contact@DistinctiveAtlantaHomes.com


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