Are You Moving With Pets? Read This!


So you’re moving.  Whether you’re relocating, downsizing, expanding, or looking for a change, this is an exciting (and stressful) time!  There are so many parts to coordinate… movers, rental trucks, packing, the pets… wait.  The pets!  Your furkids!  How will Fido deal when you’re packing your entire life?  Our pets at home seem to enter panic mode every time we pack a suitcase, let alone packing boxes on boxes on boxes.


So what do you do?  Here are some helpful tips from your animal-friendly Real Estate team at Distinctive Atlanta Homes.




Dog day care may sound like a joke, or some may think it’s a service for wealthy pet owners only.  That’s a myth!  Day care is an excellent way to get your pet out of the way of boxes and heavy equipment.  If you’re a pet owner, you know what happens when the dog hears food being prepared in the kitchen… just imagine what happens when you try to pack boxes! Plus, day care is fun for dogs.  They get to socialize and they come home exhausted.  Luckily, Atlanta in particular is a very animal-friendly city.  There are countless daycare and boarding options for your furkids—from private pet sitters to nationwide companies, find one for Fido here!



Here’s a handy list from Atlas Van Lines to help keep your pets safe when moving:

  • ID tags. If your pet can wear a collar, put one on and attach an ID tag. (For birds, put the tag on a leg band.) The tag should include the pet’s name, your name, and the destination address and your number.
  • Microchips. Pets with microchips are entered into a pet recovery system so if your pet gets loose, you’ll be contacted once it’s found. If your pet was purchased from a breeder, pet store, or shelter it likely already has a microchip.
  • Pictures. Keep a photograph of your pet so you can show your new neighbors what your pet looks like if it gets lost.
  • Collars. Make sure you have collars on your pets while they’re traveling in the car or on a plane. For animals that get fidgety, you probably want to get a harness they can’t wiggle out of.
  • Leashes. Keep a chain and leash for your dog to keep them in your new yard if you have to wait for a fence to be built. Pack a spare in case your pet breaks the leash.
  • Pet carriers. If you’re traveling by airplane, any pet in the cabin must be in a pet carrier. In a car, some pets are less stressed in a carrier rather than on the loose.
  • Records. Getting your pet’s health records from your veterinarian will help a new vet provide the best care for your pet.





Dogs, cats, and other pets might be nervous in a new home, with strange smells and different rooms.  To avoid sensory overload, the ASPCA recommends allowing your pets to start getting acclimated in one room, and slowly allow them to explore the entire space.  The last thing a pet owner wants is an unfortunate bathroom break on freshly cleaned floors!

With these tips, you can (dare we say it) be at peace with your move, knowing your furkids are happy and occupied!

Christina Rotolo

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