The Perfect Canvas

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I fell in love with this home when we listed it! Some may say it’s “too personalized”, others may say it’s “slightly dated”…I say, it’s the perfect canvas. It’s got great bones, it’s full of character & if it’s not quite your taste…there are endless possibilities!

There are certain things that you can’t change about a home; the location, the neighbors, the load bearing walls…but lucky for the future buyer of this home, they’ll be located minutes from Stone Mountain park, the neighbors are extremely friendly (confirmation from the current owner) and the open floor plan negates the need for tearing down walls. Boom! What else could you possibly need?

Curb appeal alone, this home exudes an open-arm welcome. The current owner spent endless hours manicuring the gardens, creating a beautiful landscape with plants of varying height & an assortment of textures including stones, bricks & pavers.

The moment you step foot into the home, you’re clearly able to recognize that someone truly talented worked hard to put their stamp on this home. From the giraffe greeting newcomers at the front door, to the attention-grabbing wallpaper choices, the unique decor & the coordinating wall colors; all of which radiate a comfy, cozy abode.

Ahhh…the enclosed patio…so many ideas! This could be a craft room, a third (or fourth) eating area, a separate sitting area, a workout space/yoga room, a place for the pets to hang out, the place where you’ll sit down and write your next NY Times Best Seller….who knows! This space is fantastic with natural light, a tile floor, access to the fabulous outdoor patio…this would be my every-day hang out!

Style & personality not exactly your thing when it comes to decorating your home? There are lots of ways you can tone down the uniqueness of this home and make it your own! The easiest & least expensive way is to paint. Did you know that you can paint just about anything? Walls, ceilings, cabinetry, floors, fireplaces, woodworking…you name it! (image courtesy of


Another inexpensive way to incorporate your own personal style into a home is to purchase new light fixtures. It’s amazing how a new light fixture can change the entire ambiance of a space! (image courtesy of



Updating & improving aside, this home is move-in ready and perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. It’s also out of the way of heavy traffic and because of the location, could potentially serve as a year-round vacation home!

This home is the perfect canvas to begin a new chapter of your life…


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