What We Love About West Village!

Click link for details about this home! http://bit.ly/2p9ZP6d

Click link for 3D tour! http://bit.ly/2nsX69R

Why We Bought in West Village:
We were looking for a neighborhood with walkability to restaurants and services. We felt West Village was the perfect place because the Community was spread out by the different home types and the retail section. You are bound to make friends with your neighbors when you are out walking. You can enjoy meeting your neighbors at the various restaurants…even if you didn’t make plans to meet!!  It’s a place where “everyone can know your name”!

What We Love About Living There:
We love our neighbors and the ability to walk to the restaurants!  Most Friday nights, we see our neighbors/friends at the restaurants.  We are also centrally located to downtown Atlanta, the airport, Buckhead, Marietta and the Perimeter.  Smyrna has the most friendly people as a whole. They speak to you in the stores or while you’re out walking.

What will we miss from West Village:
We are remaining in the Smyrna area but we will miss our immediate neighbors. We know that we can count on any of our neighbors/friends if we need a cup of milk, help fixing something, lending a hand with a heavy load, or a child or pet sitter. We are lucky that we can still walk to their house and meet them in the village.  We wouldn’t be moving if we didn’t need an elevator for older parents.


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