Are You Building a Life By Design?


Are you the type of person who coasts through life awaiting opportunities to knock at your door? Or are you a go-getter, driven by challenges, unafraid of failure, consistently pushing the envelope & creating your own opportunities?

Regardless of the type of person you are, we all could could use a little motivation to jump-start or re-condition our thinking. Are you setting SMART goals? How are you measuring your goals? What do you find hinders your goal setting? What’s most important to you in your personal life? Work life? Is your work-life balanced?

Fortunately, as a member of an extremely successful Keller Williams Market Center (#6 in the nation to be exact) we have access to & the opportunity to take advantage of knowledgeable & talented Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Builders, Coaches & more. Continuing education is a very important part of what makes Keller Williams the successful company that it is today.

I wanted to share with you 30 “laws” that are practiced by a number of Keller Williams agents & associates who have completed BOLD – Business Objective: Life by Design. These 30 BOLD laws help to condition your brain to think more positively, to genuinely want to do good for others & to push yourself to make you a better person.

Whether you’re a Keller Williams agent/associate or not in the Real Estate world at all, these laws can help us all grow, both professionally & personally.


  1. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.
  2. A life by design, not by default.
  3. BE, DO, HAVE
  4. There is no try.
  5. What you focus on expands.
  6. Complaining = garbage magnet.
  7. Don’t listen to your drunk monkey.
  8. Want = lack.
  9. Come from contribution.
  10. Do what you have always done, and you will get what you have always gotten.
  11. If it is not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist.
  12. You can have reasons or results and you can’t have both.
  13. All work expands to fill the time allowed.
  14. Your business grows to the extent that you do.
  15. Keep your emotions between the lines.
  16. Success is simple, not easy.
  17. Don’t mistake movement for achievement.
  18. Motion = emotion.
  19. Clarity is power.
  20. It’s not about selling real estate; it’s about following a schedule.
  21. People will grow into the conversations you create around them.
  22. No pressure, no diamond.
  23. Spontaneity is a conditioned reflex.
  24. You get what you deserve in your imagination.
  25. Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.
  26. How you participate here is how you participate everywhere.
  27. The purpose of business is to fund the perfect life.
  28. Things aren’t always how they appear to be.
  29. Focus on the solution, not the problem.
  30. Your cells eavesdrop on your thoughts.


Outfront Keller Williams: Volume 14.1 2017

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