Marketing Your Home Globally

Did You Know? When you list your home with The Distinctive Atlanta Homes Team, you’re choosing to market your home to millions of people all over the world?

How do we do this?

We actively search for international agents, investors, & buyers & place your home at the forefront of their home search inquiries.

Why are we Global Property Specialists?

We believe our market is not just local. We successfully set ourselves apart from our peers by investing in our international expertise. We have a reach that goes beyond borders, a community that helps us push through walls and a strong desire to continue growing our business (

This untapped group of individuals are either ready to purchase or they know of someone ready to purchase in the states. Agents know thousands of other real estate agents and clients specifically looking for a home with your criteria. Investors are always on the prowl for a project & potential buyers are looking for vacation homes. Take a look at the statistics & ask yourself why you wouldn’t want your home marketed to an international audience!

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