Must Read Books for 2017

As we wrap up a rewarding & successful year, we are actively looking ahead to the upcoming year filled with prosperity & giving back! What goals do we plan to set for our team? How are we going to achieve those team goals? In what ways are we going to give back to our community this year? How are we going to develop & grow individually?

To help us reach our fullest potential, both personally & as a team, we will be mindful to continue our growth through utilizing the many resources available to us including; How Full is Your Bucket, The 7 Levels of Communication & Shift. We’ll also be re-visiting a number of timeless books such as; The MREA, The One Thing & The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Need more 2017 inspiration? Check back with us periodically, as we’ll be sharing with you what we’re reading, how we’re growing, what we’re doing to reach our goals & in what ways we’re focusing on our “One Thing” each & every day!

Happy Holidays & a very Happy New Year!


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